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This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTOz98fTsjk, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7AdvcFzeOBfWg58K89hhuw.Previous Post HOW TO MAKE $10,000 PER MONTH ONLINE WITHOUT A WEBSITE – Hernan Vazquez Next Post WHY MY FACEBOOK ADS ARE NOT DELIVERING? – Hernan Vazquez. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.At the time, 40 years ago, it was my favorite restaurant in all of Mexico. From the 16th century conquistador Hernan Cortes to the 19th century hapsburg emperor maximilian to 20th-century.I have some easy fixes for you! Step 1: Change your Campaign Objective (from Purchases to Leads, etc). Step 2: Change to Manual Bidding. Step 3: Change the Delivery Method. Step 4: Change the creative to an image or [.] Read more "WHY MY FACEBOOK ADS ARE NOT DELIVERING? – Hernan Vazquez"Vivian Vaz is a fitness professional who listens to fitness needs to suit an individual goals. She enjoy working with others to develop energetic workouts to achieve healthier lifestyle. View all posts by Vivian VazWHY MY FACEBOOK ADS ARE NOT DELIVERING? – Hernan Vazquez. June 26, 2018 | frederickjulianf15.. This Week In Marketing – 06-22-2018- hernan vazquez. easy /day facebook ads FUNNEL TO GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST (For Beginners) > Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Facebook Business | Ads Help Center Get help for your Facebook ads. Fundamentals. Get started with facebook advertising. ads. Create and deliver ads on Facebook. Pages. Tools to build your business and boost posts. Billing. When and how Facebook charges for ads. Optimization."Why your Facebook Ads Might Not Work in 2019". With Facebook ads being so competitive and complex right now, I know this is a broad question. If you’d ask me "Why my ads are not working?" in one of my Facebook group Q&As, I’d probably tell you that I’ll need to check the entire thing [.]WHY MY FACEBOOK ADS ARE NOT DELIVERING? – Hernan Vazquez. Next Post. The "Need To Knows" of Financial Protection. Comments are closed. Recent Posts. Slumberland Furniture’s Anniversary final 2 days sale. :15;WHY MY FACEBOOK ADS ARE NOT DELIVERING? – Hernan Vazquez. Search for: Recent Posts. HOW TO DRAW FORTNITE | GHOUL TROOPER | STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL; Ninja Storm Designer Series 450W 40-oz. Food & Drink Maker w/Recipes on QVC;