learn how to make a pocket knife because its really simple

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFb2HNfJPP0, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_uNw5_S4rvrxMaVpF8G0vw.Cleaning the blade. That can happen if the metal in the knife has oxidized. In that case, disassemble the knife and soak it in mineral oil. leave it like that for a day or two, then give it a good cleaning. If your blade has wooden parts too, then soaking it in mineral oil is not a good solution.There’s not much special skill here, just keep that 20-degree angle you used on the stone. You probably know how to use a sharpening steel already if you’ve ever cooked, but if you haven’t it’s simple. move the knife in a cutting direction as you did with the stone, making sure every part of the edge contacts the steel.You’ve been throwing this phone in and out of your pocket. tips will make you an expert. What will is practice, and.Its faster to draw a knife than a gun, if you know how to use it it can be more deadly than a gun in close-quarters combat which is realistically the situation you should expect to be attacked in. If you learn how to throw an unbalanced knife your pocket knife can become a useful weapon at medium range too.In the end, because I had a good knife on me, a bad situation was made slightly better.. SOG makes really great pocket clips; spyderco makes really bad ones.. Learn to use a Spyderco.The handle is just as critical as the blade on a survival knife. If the handle is made well, it will support the weight of the user and blade when using the knife much more aggressively, due to the survival conditions set in front of the user. The handle itself will be made of wood, but it will be hollow.But for the 400,000-strong men and women who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve those first lunar footsteps, this was years in the making. but it was really sort of weird." Ahr.LEARN 5 SIMPLE TECHNIQUES.. I’m going to show you some methods of how to sharpen a pocket knife without a stone. All these techniques could be used to sharpen kitchen knives too, probably not at home, but perfect for on a camping foray.. These are really awesome tricks for sharpen a pocket.

how to fix a flat tire on a car the simple way

There are a few ways for flat tire repair, and most of them are pretty straightforward and don’t require more than a few tools. Contents. How to Fix a Flat Tire: Step by Step Instructions 1. Find the leak. 2. loosen the Lug Nuts and Jack the Car up. 3. Remove the Lug Nuts and Clean the Hole. 4. Insert the Plug.The longer you drive on a flat tire, the more chance you’ll damage the tire beyond repair or even damage the rim on your car. Be Seen. Yeah, yeah. I’ll get to the tire changing in a second. But please, do whatever you can to be visible. You should always carry road flares with you in case of an emergency such as changing flat tires. · Flat tires are one of the few things that can put a hard stop on your driving plans. fortunately, Hagerty’s Davin Reckow is here to explain how a simple tire plug kit can get you back on the road quicker than ever-sometimes without taking off the wheel.

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds9kwTa6NR0, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_uNw5_S4rvrxMaVpF8G0vw.How to Fix A Flat Tire By John Andersen. Unless you live next door to a bike store or have a significant other who loves bike maintenance it’s a good idea to know how to fix a flat tire on a bike. If you get a flat on the way to work or while running an errand, you will usually be late.Cover the tire with the soap and water solution. You can use a spray bottle to spray the tire, or if a spray bottle isn’t available you can just pour the mixture over the tire. Watch for bubbles. As air escapes the tire and encounters the soapy water mixture it will form soap bubbles.gather the correct materials – In order to use Fix-a-Flat, you will need to purchase one can of Fix-a-Flat. Stop the car in a safe location – If you’re driving, pull over to a safe location on the side of the road or into a parking lot. Identify the source of the leak – Once you realize your tire is losing air, it’s important to identify where the leak is coming from. That way, you can decide whether Fix-a-Flat is the appropriate method for repairing your tire issue. Identify the damaged.